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Favabank Community Bartering Favabank is modernising the age old idea of barter, exchanging items and time as favours between members of your community. Connect with people in your neighbourhood via the exchange of favours.

Bartering Favours Next time you need a helping hand or need to borrow something, why not try to source it from your local community?

Barter and Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff All barter exchanges are tracked using a virtual currency called a 'Fava', to create a 'gift economy' where the more you have given, the more likely that people will want to reciprocate. The Fava is the foundation for 'pay it forward' economics.

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Bartering for University Students

How would a University Student use Favabank?

Many university students are on a tight budget but Favabank could help to create a kind of underground economy which could help people to get things done in many areas of their student life. Here are just a few ideas for the potential uses of Favabank during a student's time at university.

Learning by teaching

It is often said that you only really know something once you are able to teach it or communicate it to someone else. Favabank might be used by a 3rd year university student to help 2nd year students with their study. By helping someone else, you might actually be helping yourself by solidifying your own knowledge.

Exchanging course books

Favabank could be used to pass on any unwanted items, if you're finished with certain course books it can be more hassle than it's worth to try to sell them, try passing them on via Favabank instead.

Lift sharing

There are bound to be other people heading to your home town at the end of term. Favabank could be used as a way of offering or receiving lifts, perhaps sharing fuel costs and offering a small amount in Favas as a thank you.

Stuff for your student digs

Favabank might be used by a student on a tight budget to pick up the odd piece of furniture, perhaps a TV set, fridge, or any other household item that someone else within your local community might be passing on.

Travelling around the country

You might be visiting another part of the country and need somewhere to stay without blowing your budget. Favabank might be used to find someone who'll offer you a spare bed (or sofa) for the night. In this way, getting around the country can be a social experience.

Hobbies and fun stuff

Perhaps you've picked up a new hobby at university, maybe learning a musical instrument or a new sport. You could use Favabank to ask for a little tuition from someone who may have done it all before...

Offering your skills to local small business owners

Perhaps you are studying a course which is giving you practical skills that might be put to good use before you even graduate. Wouldn't your CV get a good start if you could help a couple of small local businesses with your skills. You might use Favabank to let local businesses know how you might be able to help them.

Getting involved in your local community

Students sometimes feel a little ghettoised within the student area of town without mingling with the locals. Favabank would provide opportunities to integrate with people outside of the university environment, perhaps by offering your time and skills or by asking for help or tapping in to local knowledge when you need it yourself.

Socialising locally through local social posts

Favabank offers the ability to socialise online with other local people, we encourage members to get involved and start posting about local issues, events or anything else that comes to mind.

Exchanging Favas for discounts

In the future we plan to introduce a means for local businesses to accept part payment for goods and services in return for Favas - exchanging your good-will for hard cash discounts.

Mentoring help to find your first job

Once you've graduated you'll have the daunting task of trying to find your first step on your career path. You might wish to use Favabank to find someone already in your career of choice to guide you through the best approach to take in finding employment, perhaps offering help with your CV, or even with introductions to potential recruiters.

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Use Cases:

Here we will begin to present some of the ways that Favabank might be used according to specific areas of interest or functions within society:

Massage, Beauty & Holistic Therapists

University Students


Gardeners and Allotmenteers

Parents of Babies and Small Children

We will soon be adding more use cases here to reflect the ways that Favabank can be used for all kinds of purposes.

Everyday Uses

See Suggestions for a list of general everyday uses of Favabank.


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