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Favabank Community Bartering Favabank is modernising the age old idea of barter, exchanging items and time as favours between members of your community. Connect with people in your neighbourhood via the exchange of favours.

Bartering Favours Next time you need a helping hand or need to borrow something, why not try to source it from your local community?

Barter and Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff All barter exchanges are tracked using a virtual currency called a 'Fava', to create a 'gift economy' where the more you have given, the more likely that people will want to reciprocate. The Fava is the foundation for 'pay it forward' economics.

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Bartering for Massage, Beauty and Holistic Therapists

How would a therapist use Favabank?

Favabank is a new way to ask for a favour, or offer help to someone in your local community. You can use Favabank to pass on unwanted items, or to find something you need, paying each other in Favas rather than conventional money. It's a fun and sociable way to get things done, while developing a sense of community.

Favabank can be used in many areas of a therapist's life, but here are some ideas that relate specifically to your profession.

Finding Case Study or Practice Clients:

Do you remember when you were training, and you needed to find case studies, or just people to practice on? A trainee therapist or a therapist taking a new course could use Favabank to find real people to act as clients. Perhaps as a trainee you could offer a treatment for 5 Favas.

Learn all about Favas by reading the FAQs or watching the videos at Favabank FAQs

Exchanging Unwanted Equipment:

Do you have any therapy products or equipment that you no longer use which is taking up space? Sometimes it's a hassle trying to advertise it for sale. On Favabank you could give it away to someone who could make good use of it by placing an ad on the Offered and Wanted board where you could pass it on for some Favas.

Therapy Swaps:

Therapists sometimes get together to swap treatments. Favabank could be used to find therapy swap opportunities, and in addition to a one-for-one swap, on Favabank you can provide a treatment to one person for Favas, and then receive treatment from a different therapist by exchanging the Favas you previously earned.

Help with the business side of your therapy practice.

If you're a freelance therapist you'll be running your own little business and from time to time might need a little advice about finances or the legal side of things. If you're just starting out in business you could certainly do with a little help from someone who has done it all before.

IT and Computer Help for Therapists:

You might need a little advice when building your website or using social media to promote yourself. Perhaps you could find some help with leaflet design from a photoshop expert. Perhaps your laptop has developed a problem and you know there's bound to be someone who would know what to do. You could ask for help on Favabank, and in return you could give someone else a treatment.

Getting Known in your Local Area

Favabank encourages you to create a profile, including information about what you do, as well as letting you link to your website or Facebook page. You can boost your web presence by creating a profile and contributing to local conversations on the 'Social' pages in Favabank. Our social pages allow you state whether your post relates to your street, your town, or your region (e.g. county) so you might be able to meet potential new clients online.

Listing your Therapy Website in our Directory:

We offer a directory for local services. Once you have signed up, you may suggest a free listing on our 'Directory' page. Your listing can be linked to a geographical area which we will be using to promote local services to local members of Favabank.

Enticing new Customers

You might wish to attract a new customer by accepting part payment in Favas for their first treatment. For example, if you were charging £40 for a massage, you could offer the first treatment for £20 plus 20 Favas.

Exchanging Skills and Knowledge with other Therapists

One of the main aims of Favabank is to encourage people to learn skills from others in their community. As a therapist you may have acquired certain techniques that you would be happy to share with others. Perhaps you have an excellent routine for a 15 minute mini-manicure, and you'd happily demonstrate it to someone else. And in return, you might want to seek out advice from an excellent massage therapist who will share their skills with you. The aim of Favabank is to remove the awkwardness of asking for these kind of favours.

Try Before You Buy

Perhaps you've got your eyes on a fancy new piece of equipment for your therapy practice, but would really like to try it out first. By posting a wanted ad on Favabank you might be able to find someone who will let you have a go on their equipment.

Help in an Emergency

Once Favabank has a sufficient number of members we hope it could be used in any kind of emergency situation. Your car might break down on the way home from a client and you might need some help getting home, or perhaps you've run out of a vital product before a busy day. Once enough members are using Favabank it might be the kind of place where you can borrow something in an emergency or get some help if you've had a bit of a disaster...

Just to Say 'Thank You'

After a client has referred your wonderful therapy services onto a friend, you could always send them a couple of Favas via a Favabank transfer to publicly thank them for their help.

A note on tax implications of bartering

If you are a professional therapist and use a website like Favabank to offer treatments on a barter basis your barter income would be considered as taxable by HMRC. Any non professional services bartered on Favabank are not considered as taxable.

Give a little now, so you can call on a favour when you need it.

There are so many ways a therapist, or anyone, could use Favabank to exchange time, skills and items using Favas instead of cash. Perhaps one of the best ways to look at Favabank is to see it as a kind of community good-will insurance service - by giving something to someone now, you could earn some Favas to spend when you need them.

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Use Cases:

Here we will begin to present some of the ways that Favabank might be used according to specific areas of interest or functions within society:

Massage, Beauty & Holistic Therapists

University Students


Gardeners and Allotmenteers

Parents of Babies and Small Children

We will soon be adding more use cases here to reflect the ways that Favabank can be used for all kinds of purposes.

Everyday Uses

See Suggestions for a list of general everyday uses of Favabank.


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