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Favabank Community Bartering Favabank is modernising the age old idea of barter, exchanging items and time as favours between members of your community. Connect with people in your neighbourhood via the exchange of favours.

Bartering Favours Next time you need a helping hand or need to borrow something, why not try to source it from your local community?

Barter and Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff All barter exchanges are tracked using a virtual currency called a 'Fava', to create a 'gift economy' where the more you have given, the more likely that people will want to reciprocate. The Fava is the foundation for 'pay it forward' economics.

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Posted by Chris Thomas on Sunday 1st July 2012, 10:48AM

WE BELIEVE IN A WORLD WHERE WE DO FAVOURS FOR PEOPLE WE DONT YET KNOW. We believe that this world can be such an amazing place, where we can bring happiness to others without wanting anything in return from them. We believe in a world which isn't about profit, cheating and taking. We believe we can offer more to this world.

WE BELIEVE ITS TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. We all have items we have not used for years or skills we can give to others that really need them. The problem is we usually don't. It doesn't have to be that way. We can choose to hold on to that which we don't need, to let it gather dust, or we can choose to give something back, and pay it forward. To someone who it would make really happy or whose dream would be to have it, but they cant afford it. That item, that skill, that simple difference. We believe you, yes you reading these words, can make a personal difference to this world. We believe in a new kind of currency. The most simple currency, simply doing others a favour. Think of all that positive karma you can collect. Karma that has value. That's a Fava.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Passing on things you don't need and socializing with those who may be able to help. Just with the pure satisfaction of when you really need something, someone, somewhere, will give you the favour in return. A new kind of currency, the currency of kindness; the currency of karma; the currency of a favour (Fava). Do you need a lift? Do you need a hand with your shopping, Do you need some help thou to achieve the new you? Have you also always wanted to learn an instrument? Do you need one? Are you stressed? Can you help? Can you do someone a favour? How can you pass it on? Is there a time you need a favour?

A WORLD ENERGISED BY FAVOURS (Fava). A world you deserve, a world of giving and receiving. A world for once for those who give the most, are rewarded. We sell things online that we don't need, how about receiving something in return that has real value.


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Reply by John Durrant on Sunday 1st July 2012, 8:02PM

Thanks for putting this together Chris, and thanks for your continued support for the Favabank project.

These aren't words that I'd have conjured myself yet they sum up exactly what I was trying to achieve with the project. That in itself is justification of the collaborative approach to this project!

My personal descriptions tend to get caught up in explaining the technicalities of the Fava currency, or the ethos of the organisation, or the philosophy behind it all, but what you've done just sums it all up really simply and would hopefully appeal to the kind of people we want to get involved with Favabank.

Thanks for that, really appreciated, we need to go through the website and use that kind of approach with the web copy.

Would be really interesting to hear what others think...

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Reply by John Durrant on Sunday 1st July 2012, 9:20PM

Also, how could we capture that in an infographic? Infographics are all the rage these days, very viral and great for the media...

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