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Colchester Chronicle

A hyperlocal blog for Colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town. The Chronicle is a platform for folk who want to celebrate this place in which we live.
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News From Colchester Chronicle

Here are the latest news feeds from Colchester Chronicle

  • Exclusive: Three Groups Bid for Holy Trinity Lease
    Psst! Wanna know which organisations have submitted a bid with CBC for the 25 year lease of Holy Trinity Church in the town centre? COURSE you do. Good news, etc. The Chronic can exclusively reveal that the Council has received three formal bids: Mid and North East Essex MIND The Orthodox Parish of Saint Helen […]
  • Comedy, Consorts, Cross Dressing: Arts Centre Spring
    Colchester Arts Centre: Never Knowingly Understood, Always Accidentally Inferred. Right? Sometimes it’s just about the FUN at St Mary at the Walls. And with perfect comedy timing, here comes the spring season for Colchester Arts Centre. Hurrah! As ever, we could bash out a 5,000+ word blog post on the delights within. But no one […]
  • 912 Homes Built in Borough Last Year: Forecast to Rise
    Another day, another stats based blog post. It’s all about the HARD data, right? And so on the agenda today is Safe as Houses – or to put it in basic terms: how many homes are being built in the borough? Good question, well put. What you need is the handy Local Plan Committee report […]
  • Recycling Rates Up, Cost Down, Wheelie Bin Win:Win?
    You want WHEELIE BIN stats, right? You’ve come to the right place. Even better, how about attending the SEXY CBC Scrutiny Panel when it next meets at the Town Hall on 12 December? Thought not. Hey hoe. Anyway, up on the agenda to be scrutinised is: Review of Waste Collection Strategy Oh Lordy. It appears […]
  • Vineyard Gate Back on Agenda at CBC Full Council
    And so you thought that you had heard enough of Vineyard Gate at Full Council? Think again. You may remember how CBC Leader Cllr Paul Smith confirmed at Full Council last month that the AWOL Vineyard plans are dead in the water. To be honest we were a little surprised at the lack of questioning […]
  • Listen to Colchester Overture – an Original Composition
    Identity is everything when it comes to putting your town on the map. Colchester has plenty of uniqueness / oddness – despite attempts in recent years to have a mono culture imposed upon us. Which brings us to the BRILLIANT Colchester Overture. We are not saying that this is odd, but it is definitely unique. […]
  • Mercury New Season: Made in Colch, Passing Pop Stars
    The set paint has just about dried on The Mercury Theatre’s 2017 panto run of Snow White, and whaddya know: news lands on the doormat of The Chronic for when tickets are on sale for the 2018 panto run – 1 March, should anyone want to be first in the queue. So yep, what we […]
  • The Life of Julie Cope Comes Home to Colchester
    And so Grayson Perry comes to Firstsite. Blimey. A few brief words to accompany some hit and miss snaps that we took on Saturday. First things first: The Life of Julie Cope couldn’t be more Colchester focussed if you got Sir Bob of Sunny Colch to pose in the Firstsite front window wearing a Col […]
  • High Street Sunday Schedule Ahead of BIG TURN ON
    Are you ready for the BIG TURN ON of Sunny Colch? We make the same lame joke every year; every year we get a little over-excited about being TURNED ON by Mr or Madam Mayor. And whaddyaknow – 2017 is no exception. This Sunday is the grand occasion when Christmas officially starts in Colchester. Awww. […]
  • Runners and Riders as #BBCQT Comes to Sunny Colch
    And so the Question Time roadshow rolls into the Town Hall this Thursday. Hurrah! We think? Colchester will do itself proud, right? Um… Ahead of Sunny Colch being in the national telly spotlight, it might be a good idea to provide some runners and riders for Dimbles and his team. — You will be welcomed […]

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