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Favabank Community Bartering Favabank is modernising the age old idea of barter, exchanging items and time as favours between members of your community. Connect with people in your neighbourhood via the exchange of favours.

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Transition Town Bolton

Part of the Transition Towns network, promoting sustainable lifestyles, community and sharing in the Bolton area.
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News From Transition Town Bolton

Here are the latest news feeds from Transition Town Bolton

  • Melting Nuclear Reactors with a JET WASH.
    Lots of new possibilities. The Melt it down Nuclear Jetwash company LLP incorporated on paper offshore non mining less conflict less road miles per new 1M ton new building  etc etc. Why not have a proper Nuclear meltdown. With Water? For all reclaimed materials? Even less mining, trucking, shipping for materials. – more [...]
  • Strawberry feilds forever. 2017 algorythm version.
    Let me take you down to any port town. Landfill from everywhere was here as part of the single global landfill market where everyone with a mobile phone can get anything delivered to themselves from anywhere in the world for 1$ any time of day or night 365 days a year. But nothing to get [...]
  • Giving happiness
  • Tromping along – from one bubble to the next
    This is about adapting offshore structures to store and pump air. The worst thing that can happen is air leaks. With Lloyds etimating that 70% of global oil assets now at end of life, perhaps we can combine a variety of knowledges to adapt rigs & pipelines to pump air bubbles into offshore and onshore [...]
  • Offgrid water banking – Home based ATM’s a new way of living in Cities & Rural Areas
    Could property law be changed so that property has a fixed ecological income instead of a mortgage or rent? Each property is a bank & generates it’s own geocoded blockchain bank account – stick it on a debit card – no interest rate, shared equally with the property owner or local town for beneficial projects [...]
  • Libido Dominandi – the lust for dominion
    “The UN is a global Tower of Babel; the EU is a regional Tower of Babel; the British Parliament is a national Tower of Babel.”  “It’s barbarism. I see it coming masqueraded under lawless alliances and predetermined enslavements. It may not be about Hitler’s furnaces, but about the methodical and quasi-scientific subjugation of Man. His [...]
  • Water banks & Port farming in 51 Mediterranian towns.
    Water banks give water back to drought towns & they usher in a new ways of mass manufacturing and banking that shares in the revival of areas suffering drought or flood. It’s radical but so’s 51 empty towns in a prime area of the Mediterranian … or a totally empty Mediterranian. Port farming is the [...]
  • Jenga caravans
    Put a steel frame up. Or use empty concrete shells. Add some caravans. Camping in the city. Lower impact? Faster? Cheaper? Retrofit old carparks with smaller caravans? A reasonable use for all that excess steel? Relevant farm on the roof?
  • Upstairs downstairs – the cheapest homes in the UK.
      This is about different ways of thinking to provide affordable homes in areas that don’t flood for families who want to live nearby but can’t because of the lack of imagination in the authoritarian brains of westminster and other inflexible square brain thinking authoritarian head bangers who seem to keep finding ways to perpetuate [...]
  • Tata kitchens & long farms or say tata biosphere – made in Wales
      Why not try something new with steel? New industry 1 – New ways to make kitchens – mean new ways of working = new opportunities to develop a new industry & let the forests regrow, a kind of upgrade for the kitchen industry before the easter island story blossoms into global reality – better [...]

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