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Favabank Community Bartering Favabank is modernising the age old idea of barter, exchanging items and time as favours between members of your community. Connect with people in your neighbourhood via the exchange of favours.

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B13, An Eclectic Suburb of Birmingham...

A hyperlocal blog for the B13 area of Moseley in Birmingham. Forum, Events & Blogs...
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  • Do you believe in UFO?
    Hello to all!

    Do you believe in UFO?
    (In UFO I mean extraterrestrials)

    I hope for serious answers, it's need for social project

    Thank you all.
  • Drink and Doodle - Life Drawing at the Pat Kav!
    Calling all creatives, artists, and people who like to draw!

    Held upstairs at the Patrick Kavanagh, ('Pat Kav') in Moseley, Birmingham.
    (2 seconds walk from the 50 bus stop outside the co-op, 10mins by bus or car from central Birmingham)

    There is ARTISTIC GENIUS and MAD SCRIBBLING. There is SOCIALISING and NETWORKING. Most importantly, there are NAKED PEOPLE and ALCOHOL. What's not to like?

    All this for the bargain price of ONLY £6 PER SESSION!
    Everyone welcome, from amateur doodlers to professional artists. Bring your own materials.

    Join the mailing list for exclusive discounts and special offers:
    Don't forget to like us on facebook!
    Any questions? Email me at
  • Charity Race Night
    Friday 12th October 2012
    at Kings Health Cricket and Sports Club, Alecester Road South, Kings Heath
    Come and support our yearly Race Night in aid of the Muscuar Dystrophy Campaign. Ticket price is £7.00 each including a jacket potato supper. Cash bar on site. For the first 7 races, if you purchase the winning horse you will win a bottle and a rosette, the 8th horse which is auctioned off, if it's the winner you will win a bottle of champagne. All bets are 50p. Raffle prizes too.
    Doors open at 7.30, first race 8.00pm. If you are interested or would like to book tickets for this event, please email:
  • Re: Charity Curry Night
    Sorry didn't realise hadn't put the date, Friday 14th September
  • Re: Charity Curry Night
    Date ?
  • Re: Scrabble Club
    There is a lot changes in scrabble games rules, now a days they are making it change in first two rounds and other two should identical correspond to each other. I played once and got a respectable score, I don't think that words with friends help is mislead for the game as I use it to learn new words.
  • Charity Curry Night
    Friday 14th September 2012
    Our 5th fundraising event this year for Muscular Dystrophy. Why not join us for our Chairty Curry Night.
    The event will be taking place at, Imrans Restaurant, 262 - 266 Ladypool Road, B12 8JU
    Ticket price is £16.00 per person (£6.00 on booking, £10.00 to be paid direct to the restaurant on the night of the event).
    Price includes a three course hot buffet.
    Entertainment by Hina and Co Bollywood Dancers.
    There will be an Auction on the evening to include: Pair of Adidas Umbrellas, Candy Tree, 1/2 case of champagne, Beauty Vouchers. A raffle will also take place.
    The restaurant is not licensed but you can purchase soft drinks or take your own alcohol.
    For more information or if you would like to book for this event, please call: 0121 449 1707 or or email:
    All profits from this event will be donated to: Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
  • Re: Moseley Festival Quiz 2010
    What are the teams this year? Asked Billy No-mates. :geek:
  • Stolen! Bass Guitar.
    From Facebook:

    We had a great time at the Edale Folk Festival and the gig went very well. However the occasion was marred by the fact that our bassist Suman had his beautiful custom made bass guitar stolen from the backstage area. He is understandably very upset about it!

    We really can't understand the mentality of people who would steal from musicians who aren't exactly rich and who are working their arses off to bring a bit of joy and entertainment into people's lives.

    THIS GUITAR IS UNIQUE AND INSTANTLY RECOGNISABLE. If you live in the area or know people who live there then please spread the word. If you have any information then please contact us or the Derbyshire police. Thank you.

  • Re: Hustings 2012?
    Daz made an interesting post on the hustings at Eye on Moseley...

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