The Fava, Favabank's Mutual Credit Currency System

Ask a favour, give a favour, earn a Fava

Connecting to others in your neighbourhood by sharing time, skills, and everyday items...

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Favabank is in 'pre-launch' and currently available in the UK only

Bartering Favours

How it Works

It works like a bartering system, where it's easy for YOU to trade skills, time and everyday items without using cash... More >>

The Fava, Favabank's Mutual Credit Currency System

The Fava Currency

We provide a currency for you to trade with, a peer-to-peer currency YOU create, like an I.O.U. that can be passed on to others... More >>

The Favabank Cooperative

Favabank Cooperative

We're creating a cooperative where Favabank can be co-owned by YOU, participating in its development and sharing in the rewards... More >>

Ideas and Suggestions:

Favabank can be used in many different ways, here's a random suggestion:

Tin of Tomatoes

Tin of Tomatoes

You're in the middle of cooking one of your mouth watering chilli con carne dishes, you're just about to add the tomatoes when you realise that you forgot to pick them up from the shop. If enough of your neighbours are on Favabank, you could post a request for an emergency tin of tomotoes - perhaps covering the cost of the tomatoes and giving them some Fava points in return.

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Latest from Favabank

October 2012:

In October, we launched our 'Local Pages' feature to create a space for people to talk about what's happening in their community. When you log in as a user, your default page will now be your local page. Every area in the UK has a local page and we will initially be having a promotional focus in the North Surrey and Berkshire area.

See EGHAM and STAINES-UPON-THAMES for examples of our local pages, or search below for your own postcode district.

Member Spotlights:

Favour exchange as the nexus of community...

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas, Ealing

Music enthusiast Chris has a home recording studio and is using Favabank to offer musicians the chance to cut a demo.
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Siobhan Elliot

Siobhan Elliot, Egham

Siobhan, a Reflexologist in Egham, hopes to exchange dog walking or cat feeding favours, as well as offering foot care treatments.
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Paul Risk, Woking

Paul Risk, Woking

'I really like the idea of making it easier to ask a neighbour for a favour and would be happy to offer IT help in return'...
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