The Fava, Favabank's Mutual Credit Currency System

Ask a favour, give a favour, earn a Fava

Connecting to others in your neighbourhood by sharing time, skills, and everyday items...

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Favabank is in 'pre-launch' and currently available in the UK only

Bartering Favours

How it Works

It works like a bartering system, where it's easy for YOU to trade skills, time and everyday items without using cash... More >>

The Fava, Favabank's Mutual Credit Currency System

The Fava Currency

We provide a currency for you to trade with, a peer-to-peer currency YOU create, like an I.O.U. that can be passed on to others... More >>

The Favabank Cooperative

Favabank Cooperative

We're creating a cooperative where Favabank can be co-owned by YOU, participating in its development and sharing in the rewards... More >>

Ideas and Suggestions:

Favabank can be used in many different ways, here's a random suggestion:

Where Shall We Meet?

Where Shall We Meet?

Perhaps you've agreed to meet a friend who lives some distance away, you've picked a town halfway between you both, but you want to find a 'baby friendly' place to meet. Now you can tap into local knowledge by posting a Favabank request in the area you've chosen.

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Latest from Favabank

October 2012:

In October, we launched our 'Local Pages' feature to create a space for people to talk about what's happening in their community. When you log in as a user, your default page will now be your local page. Every area in the UK has a local page and we will initially be having a promotional focus in the North Surrey and Berkshire area.

See EGHAM and STAINES-UPON-THAMES for examples of our local pages, or search below for your own postcode district.

Member Spotlights:

Favour exchange as the nexus of community...

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas, Ealing

Music enthusiast Chris has a home recording studio and is using Favabank to offer musicians the chance to cut a demo.
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Siobhan Elliot

Siobhan Elliot, Egham

Siobhan, a Reflexologist in Egham, hopes to exchange dog walking or cat feeding favours, as well as offering foot care treatments.
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Paul Risk, Woking

Paul Risk, Woking

'I really like the idea of making it easier to ask a neighbour for a favour and would be happy to offer IT help in return'...
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